Sail Avb Camp

The course takes place from 6.30 pm on Sunday to 6.30 pm on Friday with overnight stay at the club.


Traditionally, the Associazione Velica di Bracciano organizes summer sailing school camps  for young boys and girls aged 6 to 18.

The aim of the course, through a pedagogically correct path, is to achieve autonomy in sailing and to achieve a positive experience of this sport together with other youngsters.

The courses are organized in weekly modules that start from the late afternoon of Sunday until Friday evening.

In our camp  we will carry out both theoretical and practical activities on the water in front of the club.

The students will be divided into groups based on age and previous experience in sailing: 
a week of course is generally sufficient to learn the basics of this sport,
but we recommend at least twoweeks to consolidate the concepts learned.
Our approachalsoallows you to participate in non-consecutive modules.
The boats used are the Optimist for children, while for the olderones the Laser will be used.
Young athletes can learn while having fun staying overnight in the structure adjacent to the club 
and having breakfast and meals at our Refreshment Point.
The cost, including accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner 
and membership to the Italian Sailing Federation is € 380.00 for student.

Course topics:

  1. General nomenclature, sail, hull, drift and rudder.
  2. Boat preparation: arming and disarming.
  3. Government of the boat: stop the boat, gaits, changes of course, turn and pulled down.
  4. Departure and arrival from the beach.
  5. Scuffia tests: overturning and straightening of the boat.
  6. Knots.

Daily Schedule:

Schedule Activity
08.15 Wake up
08.45 Breakfast
09.00 Personal hygiene, foresteria tiding up and aquatic clothing
10.00 Sail game fot knowledge and use of boats
12.30 Light lunch with varied daily menu, with first course, side and fruit
13.15 - 14.30 Siesta free
14.45 Theory and exit on the water
16.30 Snack on the boat
18.00  Re-entry, disarming and cleaning of boats and de-briefing on mare activity
19.00 Shower and evening clothing
20.00 Dinner with daily varied menu, with first, second, side and fruit
22.00 Good Night

What do you need:

  • Swimming clothes
  • Shorts to go boating (both males and females)
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Light cotton t-shirt or lycra to go out on the boat
  • Necessary for personal hygiene
  • Sneakers or boat shoes that can getwet to go boating
  • Sweatshirt