The sailing School AVB

The sailing School of Associazione Velica Bracciano is part of the Federazione Italiana Vela.

All of ourcourses are taught by federal instructors, that will follow you closely for the entire course. 


Why a sailing course?

Four good reasons to learn sailing:

1. Because sailing is for everyone and for all ages

In sailing there aremanyways of going to sea:
from Olympic sailing to quiet water rides in free time;
from harsh oceanic activities to the team play of offshore regattas;
from the great America's Cup to the club's regattas to have fun and be together.




2. Because sailing is nature


Going sailing means practicing a sport in contact with nature. Sailing is like watching the sea, feeling the wind, take a bath of sun and ... rain, reading the clouds, listening to the waves, scanning the sky, playing with the water, catching the signs of changing weather.



3. Because Sailing is friendship and solidarity



Sailing School means to make new friends, an original opportunity to live with others the joy of going to sea, to share excitement and new emotions. an experience that teaches respect for the other as an "opponent" in the race, or "partner" in a team, and above all solidarity that pushes us to abandon a race to run to help those in difficulty.




4. Because you learn to know each other a little bit more
The sail coexists with the element of water, its currents, the wind, 
the atmospheric conditions,
natural variables with which one learns to measure oneself.
Respect for the sea, for nature, for its cycles and its rules,
widens the knowledge of oneself,
the awareness of one's own abilities and limits.